On this episode of the Hacking #opensource Business podcast, we talk with Matt Barker, the founder, and president of Jetstack. The discussion is about his experience in building a bootstrapped open source company based on his previous work at Canonical and MongoDB. In the interview, Matt talks about sales, business, and open-source technology (Linux, Kubernetes, Mesos, and more!). Matt covers the challenges of selling free open source software, support as a product, retention challenges, and measuring growth and adoption in open source software. Matt also shares his experience in comparing MongoDB and Canonical and starting Jetstack by choosing Kubernetes as the next big thing. The conversation delves into bootstrapping Jetstack with a services model, moving from services to a software product, comparing Kubernetes to Apache Mesos, and betting on truly open software. The interview provides valuable insights into sales, business, and open-source technology, making it an informative resource for anyone looking to learn about bootstrapping an open-source company. Two Matts and an Avi walk into a conference in London and end up in the Matt Cave… and this is the result.