Open Source Deep Dive W/Peter Zaitsev: Adoption, Event Strategy, Government Regulation, & Licensing

Buckle up the one, and only Peter Zaitsev is back, talking to us from the State of Open Con in London! Peter gives listeners insight into which conferences he attends, how to get chosen to speak, how to grow the adoption at an open source company, shares his thoughts on licensing, and more. He also answers questions like should the government regulate #opensource? Should maintainers be sponsored and funded with public money?

Open Source, Sovereign Cloud, & Business with Nextcloud Founder & CEO Frank Karlitschek

Frank Karlitschek shares his open source wisdom and lessons from building Nextcloud. In this episode, we touch on hot topics like the sovereign cloud, avoiding cloud lock in, building and growing a successful bootstrapped open source company, dealing with consumers and large enterprises, and more! Frank has been in the open source industry for many years and has a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't. This is episode 16 of the Hacking Open Source Business Podcast!

From Mesos to Kubernetes: Talking Open Source with D2iQ Founder Ben Hindman

Knowing when to expand or pivot your company is about understanding the market and getting the timing right. Ben Hindman founder of D2iQ, joins Avi Press and Matt Yonkovit on episode 14 of the Hacking Open Source Business Podcast and talks about the journey of starting a company around Mesos ( Mesosphere ) to including Kubernetes and rebranding ( D2IQ ). Ben gives us insight into working with foundations, starting a new company, choosing open source, and more!

Open Source Go to Market Strategies, Embracing Community, & Growing Government Use w/ Ian Tien ep13

CEO and co-founder of MatterMost stops by the podcast to drop his wisdom and experience around building an open source company, goto market strategies, star trek, the importance of embracing the community, and more! Ian also gives us the answer to a question we did not even know we wanted to be answered: What happens when your open source software accidentally ends up in a highly secure nuclear facility?

Reaching People & Building Community in the Open Source & Kubernetes Ecosystem w/Bart Farrell Ep 12

Bart Farrell stops by the podcast to chat about open source, community, Kubernetes, and getting started in open source. Bart comes from a non-traditional background in the tech space but has found a passion for building communities, storytelling, and helping others within the Data in Kubernetes (DOK) community. During our chat, Bart talks about getting started in open source, imposter syndrome, what worked and did not work content-wise, why trust is so important, building a diverse community, and more.

Open Source In Govt, Software Curation, Security w/ Amanda Brock: Hacking Open Source Business Ep 10

Amanda Brock joins Avi and Matt for episode of 10 of the Hacking Open Source Business Podcast. Amanda talks to us about the important of open source in government circles, the growing need for software curation, how security of open source is required for critical public infrastructure and more. Amanda also fills us in on her upcoming conference the State of Open Conference 2023 ( and her latest book the Open Source Law, Policy, and Practice guide.