In this episode: 00:00:00 Intro: Coming Up 00:00:32 From SOOCon23: Welcome Peter Zaitsev to the show 00:02:39 How does Peter choose which conferences to attend? 00:04:22 As an executive, how much time do you spend going to conferences? 00:05:55 Lots of conferences you can attend, but which ones are valuable? 00:07:03 Advice: How to get chosen to speak at a conference 00:11:29 Avoiding the sales pitch conference talk: submit talks that solve a problem 00:13:35 Renegade Underdogs: Peter’s new venture into helping founders and open source projects 00:17:47 The most common questions from founders center on how to accelerate growth 00:20:09 Classic Open Source Business Problem: millions of users and no one will pay for anything 00:23:42 Many projects start off as an underwhelming product, but bring an X factor that makes them successful 00:25:49 Setting the proper expectations for your open source business, growth, and adoption 00:27:39 Government regulation and funding in open source 00:29:17 What would it even mean to regulate open source? 00:32:42 Paying Maintainers, giving grants, or subsidies 00:37:53 Back to open source licenses, lets deep dive this time: do we need more open source licenses? 00:48:01 AGPL: good or bad? 00:52:29 Good Bye!